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Vision & Mission

Our Vision is to inspire and empower humans to leave the kind of mark they want in the kind of world they want to live in.

Our Mission is to bring ideas to life in practical and effective ways through quality graphic, web, and marketing services in relational.


Stigma Marketing 

Welcome to Stigma Marketing, where we believe in empowering individuals and businesses to not just exist, but thrive. We're more than marketing - we're your problem solvers & growth collaborators. Through transparent and collaborative Graphic Design, Web Design, and Marketing, we help you save time, solve problems, and achieve meaningful success.

Our core values - authenticity, humanity, community, hope, fun, and curiosity - guide everything we do. It's what we aspire for. We believe in building genuine connections and fostering a positive, community-centric atmosphere where everyone feels valued and supported. We believe there is power in our stories.

Who We Serve:

We embrace a diverse clientele, focusing on small businesses & local/niche industries like artists, local businesses, service professionals, and nonprofits, and also welcoming startups, individuals, and organizations across various sectors. We're curious and we value people.

Our Services - Saving You Time & Boosting Growth:

We offer value and missional brand-driven marketing fueled with experienced and captivating Graphic and Web Design services. From tailored design packages and lead generation to comprehensive web solutions and strategic email marketing, Stigma provides an approachable, practical guide to elevate your presence and fuel growth.

More Than Services, It's an Experience:

We don't just deliver services, we craft experiences. We inject a sense of fun into our work, embracing experimentation and breaking out of norms to create solutions that resonate with your audience and make a lasting impact.

Ready to ditch the wasted time and achieve real growth?  Reach out today and let's embark on this journey together. Let's see what we can do together.

What We Believe In

Stigma's Core Values


The world is full of enough guessing games and surprises. Honesty about money, scope, abilities and limitations, time, and the like matter and prevent headaches later. It’s just easier. We don't need to be afraid of being who we are and how we are.


Stigma believes people are people, not objects. Humans are incredible and are owed respect and dignity by their fellow humans. Stigma believes in the potential and power in all persons as they are: no questions asked.


Humans need other humans. Better than that, we excel with others. Communities matter and the people within. Stigma believes in fighting for relationships and people instead of against them, and the good happens within them.


Ideas have consequences: Hope more so than almost any other. The audacity to believe, to try something crazy, to take a risk, to actually make a difference…we believe in that and want to make dreams more of a reality than the nightmares we wake to. 


So…here’s the deal...we all could use a bit more laughter and smiles. Stigma is random, likes experimenting just cuz, and breaking out of the norms others seem stuck in. So, expect humor and random ideas.



Curiosity drives individuals to seek out new information, ask questions, and explore unfamiliar territories. This continual quest for knowledge fosters personal and professional growth, enabling individuals to expand their understanding and world.

Stigma's llama logo?

Why Stigma Loves Llamas

Stigma's love for llamas began about 20 years ago. Before we knew it, we had the socks to go with it. Llamas are awesome and Stigma is proud to choose them as a symbol for our brand. Llamas embody much of the character and attributes that we believe Stigma strives for. Including:

  • Resilience: Llamas are hardy animals that thrive in harsh environments.

  • Adaptability: Llamas have adapted to various terrains and climates, showcasing their ability to adjust to different situations.

  • Community-oriented: Llamas are social animals that thrive in herds. They demonstrate a sense of community and cooperation.

  • Poise: Despite their large size, llamas move with a certain grace and elegance. They hold them selves well, as if they know who they are.

  • Distinctiveness: With their unique appearance and quirky personalities, llamas stand out from the crowd.

  • Outward-minded: Llamas are attentive and curious. They're instinctively protective of their herd, often guarding against potential threats. 

It is a no-brainer for us why llamas are loved by humans and why Stigma Marketing had no other choice but a llama as its brand logo and mascot.

Why "Stigma"?

Stigmas are real...

...but so are we. We all deal with them. Engaging stigma about suicide and suicide prevention among faith communities has been a significant part of our story at Stigma Marketing. That's where our name comes in. Stigmas are burdens we carry, often based on misconceptions or prejudice. They can be about health, abuse, skin color, gender, mistakes, or the way we approach mental health.

At Stigma Marketing, we believe in the power of breaking free from those arbitrary labels. We don't let the world define us. We believe in understanding ourselves deeply and shaping our own stories. There's more power in our words than we are willing to trust. We show the world who we are, not who we think they want of us.

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